Proizvodnja mikrovalova

Microflute board production

JAŠKAPACK factory produces microflute boards of the following three qualities:

E-FLUTE (flute height of 1.6 mm)
F-FLUTE (flute height of 0.75 mm)
G-FLUTE (flute height of 0.55 mm)

Five-layer microflute combinations:

E+F FLUTE (flute height of 2.35 mm)
E+G FLUTE (flute height of 2.15 mm)
F+G FLUTE  (flute height of 1,30 mm)

Sedmeroslojni karton

Seven-layer board

With the installation of 3 BHS Modul Facers, the JAŠKAPACK factory is able to produce seven-layer corrugated board, from which seven-layer octabins of different sizes are further produced.

Vodonepropusna ambalaža

Waterproof packaging

In Croatia, we are the only producer of waterproof packaging. It is the so-called contact box for packing liquid industrial grease and testing of its waterproof features is performed by pouring water into the box. We own the machine and the technology that we have developed ourselves for the production of waterproof boxes. The inside of the box is laminated, which enables the retention of content (liquid).

Kutije za jaja 10 i 30 komada

Boxes for 10 and 30 eggs

From 2019. In production we release a new product of moulded fibre packaging, moulded fibre boxes for 10 and 30 eggs. 100% recycled material without damaging colors!

Direktan offset tisak

Direct offset printing

The JAŠKAPACK factory has an offset printing machine, which enables direct offset printing on the microflute board (E, F, G) and five-layer microflute board (E+F, E+G, F+G). We thus make the production of offset-laminated packaging cheaper, and substitute the chromo board with G-flute, which is much stronger and considerably cheaper than the chromo board. Only few factories in Europe have such feature.

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